Reliance Wharf,
Hertford Road, Hackney

This scheme consists of 117 residential units, 2408 sqm commercial floorspace at 2-10 Hertford Road, N1


The site is located at the junction of the Regents Canal and Kingsland Basin and is a key site in the wider redevelopment of Kingsland Basin. The Council considered that the proposals were in accordance with their Kingsland Basin Urban Design Study that has been used in determining applications for other sites in the area.

The proposals have been designed to reflect the historic wharf pattern in this location and provides for a development which fronts onto the canal and provides a large area of public space onto Kingsland Basin.

Our installation consisted of :

  • Integrated Reception System (IRS System)
  • Video Door Entry System
  • Access Control System
  • CCTV System


An Integrated Reception System (IRS) was provided to each apartment via a single aerial array. The residents have access to Skyplus/HD Services and Digital Terrestrial TV in the Living Room and Bedrooms.

To satisfy the needs of the diverse local population, foreign satellite channel reception was also incorporated within the system.

A Video Door Entry System was provided to enable residents to see and speak to the visitor at the main entrance gates and block entrance door before permitting access.

A Proximity Access Control System was provided to the Pedestrian Gates, Block Entrances and bin and bike stores. The proximity tokens (key fobs) provide the resident with quick access to only their own corresponding block and bin/bike stores.

Due to the requirements of the commercial tenants, the main pedestrian gates remain unlocked throughout the day and automatically lock at night.

A 12 camera CCTV solution was provided to monitor the external area of the development. This comprised of 8 fixed dome vandal resistant day night cameras which provide hi quality colour images in the day and clear monochrome images at night even in extremely low light conditions. A further 4 Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras of similar specification were also provided at strategic positions which were set to automatically patrol their designated areas. These PTZ cameras can also be manually operated by the security attendant by using a PTZ keyboard and joystick. A 2 Terrabyte capacity Digital Video Recorder (DVR) provides over 30 days continuous simultaneous recording to provide digital evidence when required.