Strongbridge Close,

A design and build scheme of 167 new homes for the Metropolitan Housing Trust in Harrow, London which includes 143 flats in three contemporary buildings varying between four to five storeys; and 24 two and three storey houses.


The project provides a wide range of tenure including 107 rental properties, 40 shared-ownership homes and 20 flats for private sale.

Our installation consisted of :

  • Fibre Optic Integrated Reception System (F-IRS System)

A Fibre Optic Integrated Reception System (F-IRS) was provided to each apartment via a single aerial array. The residents have access to Skyplus/HD Services in the Living Room and Digital Terrestrial TV to the Living Room and Bedroom.

To satisfy the needs of the diverse local population, foreign satellite channel reception was also incorporated within the system.

Due to the large scale of the site and the eagerness of the design team to avoid unsightly dish and aerial arrays, Gamma Systems provided a Fibre Optic back bone to distribute the TV signals to the individual blocks before being converted and distributed to the individual flats.